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A Message from Ian M. Marcum

My Mission Statement

"The stories of Eon range from dirt poor hunters to the most lavish of royalty, spanning over the course of many dynasties and several centuries. While many stories, messages and themes will be different there is one connecting thread that is meant to tie all the ages together, a sense of meaning from the past and respect and reverence for old teachings. Some stories in the Tales of Eon are reminiscent of the Bible, though not directly, and the triumphs and hardships that are laid forth there in. I wanted to create something special with this series, something I could show my children, grandchildren and beyond, a truly fantastical world that preaches endless imagination but with a firm foundation in truth and eternal virtues, virtues that are sorely lacking in the age I am currently writing in this, and the Tales of Eon series offers me an outlet to express the God given talent given to me as well as communicating my values, the values of God and his ilk, and using them to create a fiction that is truly without equal. Hopefully these great tales will influence my family and the myriad of other families across the world the only way I know how, with a great story, and even though there is no mention of Christian teachings in my work, meaning that there is no mention of God or the angels, know this, the Tales of Eon is a profound work of American Christian literature, a mythology for America one might say. I know full well about the objections of those who do not share my values, in fact objections may be too kind a word for it, in many ways it is just flat-out distain, but just as God’s rain falls on the just and the unjust alike, the Tales of Eon is a story for all who wish to partake. There are those who may wish to impose their wants and desires into this narrative who believe my work will be lesser because of my faith, I would briefly like to say that there is only perspective that I can give, and it is my own. I am not a regurgitator for any sort of political belief, nor am I one to ignore the many hardships and evils people face, I just happen to believe those hardships are best faced a certain way, and hopefully I am able to provide an escape from the everyday trials and turmoil through this fantastical world of Eon. In conclusion, I am a firm believer that art is at its best when it pursues the truth, and since I am a devout follower of the truth that has naturally led me God."

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