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Marcum Music

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"Without music, life would be a mistake," those were the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, a very salient point both in the real world and the fantasy world of Eon. Music and audio has always been a huge driver for Tales of Eon since its conception, from fantastical scores to beautifuly read audio books, both of which you'll find on this page.

Get access to great music recomendations to help transport you to the world of Eon + Free audiobook sampels below!


Ierlyn and the Canyon of Thorns (Free audiobook Sample)

Ierlyn Free Sample
00:00 / 12:24

Listen to the first 13 minutes of the fantastic audiobook version of 'Ierlyn and the Canyon of Thorns.'

Merry Music from Eon

"Dance, sing, and be merry! For these tunes serve as inspiration for many of the countries of Eon. Filled with toe-tapping hymns and soothing rhythms, these tunes are guaranteed to prepare you for a fun fantasy story! (These tunes are not produced by Marcum Productions, they are all just recommended listening)."

Instrumental Traditional Irish Music Compilation

Inspired = the creation of the island country of Daver-Don

YouTube Channel = Best Music Compilation

(Good for dancing, travel, and looking at beautiful sunsets).

1 Hour of True American Folk Music


Inspired = The Kingdom of Elhien (Specifically the Center South regions).

YouTube Channel = beast mode loading [98%]

(Good for dancing, travel, and lazing about in a rocking chair).

Zulu Theme - Industrial (Civilization 6 OST) | Uthe Ubhuti Asizomlanda;, Halala; Bayisa

Inspired = Giant Country (and their jolly songs)

YouTube Channel = Peaches Lamb

(Good for traditional African dancing, short celebration, and felling jolly as a giant)!

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