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The Great Kingdom needs you. Now you can read the first 8 pages of 'Dragor-Dun: the Fallen Kingdom'! just click the button bellow to get it for yourself and be sure to come back here for the full version!


For 500 years the island nation of Varketh has been steeped in a history of blood, snow, turmoil, and darkness until one day a hunter by the name of Edrin found the legendary King's Gem. With this discovery Edrin assures in a new age for Varketh, an age of magic, prosperity, safety, and decadence that created the great kingdom of Dragor-Dun. Follow the trials and tribulations of Edrin and his mighty kingdom of Dragor-Dun as he leads the people of Varketh to either a grand new golden age or plunge the entire nation into chaos.

Dragor-Dun: The Fallen Kingdom (Free Sample)

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