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My letters to Earth: Why I'm starting this blog

Hello everyone! Welcome to my official LETTERS TO EARTH blog!

I can not wait to tell you all about my upcoming projects and stories, however, I think before I can start posting anything substantive on this page I believe it's important to explain the namesake of this page, why I decided to call it 'letters to earth.' Ever since I was a small boy I always felt a strange comfort being alone, just me and my thoughts, I would explore countless worlds, characters, and stories to the point where the real world seemed almost secondary. As I grew older that feeling started to fade of course, to quote the film version of Ready Player One: "The real world may be dangerous, but it's the only place were you can get a decent meal" or something to that effect, and the more I thought on it the more that quote really stuck with me, that I owe it to put more effort in the real world, to the men and women like you who do so much for me. Hence the reason I called this section 'letters to earth' I like to see it as getting a post card from a familiar face in other world, a window I can use to display my thoughts and musings, both insightful and ridiculous, I cant promise that every post will be a pearl of utter brilliance, maybe some of them will, maybe some of them will be just tomfoolery, all I know is I will keep holding myself to a high standard and hopefully give you all something entertaining and informative. All this to say I just want to be my absolute honest self with all you fine people and this blog gives me a fantastic opportunity to break with the secondary world of Eon I created and more time to spend with all you lovely people who give me the confidence and backing necessary to continue my work!

I truly am grateful to each and every one of you who decided to visit me in this site today, I can only hope by the grace of God that I am able to give you all the great stories you deserve and crave. Well that about does it for this letter, I hope to see you all again soon, till then be sure to join our mailing list for all future updates on future Tales of Eon stories, thank you so much for listening! Farewell and God speed.

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